Planting Seeds with Desire

Planting Seeds with Desire

Fukuoka and the oceanSo, here I am in Fukuoka, Japan with Leti. We just moved and everything is set and stationary for yet another great year here in Japan. I can hardly sometimes believe the pace at which law of attraction can pull you to your goals. It all comes down to how good you feel, how much anticipation you have and how you continue to grow your dreams every single day. Here in Fukuoka things are much quicker then Kumamoto, but it’s not overly active either, there is still a lot of peace in the area here. Between the beach and the Fukuoka Tower there is A LOT of things you can do here, but I love the ancient traditions that Fukuoka has kept in place here in the city.

We are actually inside the Hakata Ward of Fukuoka, Japan. Our school is here in the area, if anyone is here in the area let us know, looking to meet some additional awesome people. But to carry on, the way we got here was pretty amazing and really quick. For over 2 years now since I’ve been in Japan and my girlfriend Leti has been in the States (USA) in Evergreen, Colorado. Doing her own stuff pretty much. We were both super sad when I left for Japan, she didn’t understand my reasoning’s really well other then my traveling rave side show I put on every other week (now every month while I’m in school) she didn’t want me to go and she was a bit scared of leaving the place she grew up in, with the language she grew up with. This is the very same thing I had to push through as well before I got here. But she came out a couple months ago for Momijigari, which is basically to watch the leafs turn red and fall. But she came out in November and this time it was for good!

It took us both under a month to find a school, get it paid for, get our visas renewed (unheard of time!), get a home that matched our criteria PERFECTLY and had it furnished. In fact we are almost an entire month early and ahead of time moving out here to the Hakata ward here in Fukuoka, Japan. Now, how the hell did we pull this off? Well besides all the other things I’ve been talking about here on the site, we did something else along with all these law of attraction techniques. We did them, together. Thusly creating a mastermind, we both saw it so clearly, we’re excited and had anticipation for the completed task to come about. But it didn’t stop there, we saw our goals of having the perfect school to go to, the perfect house, the perfect area, and amazing EGG tourist things to do and opportunities to meet new people and friends.

Great new friends

Right now we’ve already attracted a younger gal that’s also very stable financially that’s teaching us how to use social media to increase purchases through our E-commerce stores online. Why did we attract her already? Because we expected it, we knew that she was here. Now did we know exactly who? No, that’s almost absurd (!almost! in general day to day life). It’s fun to enter a new place and stand there in the midst of it all, and without saying a word the Universe sends you people to increase those overall feelings of joy and wonder by placing you with others. It really comes down to human connection and many times your goals and dreams will have some aspect of needing other people. In fact any sane life time goal will ALWAYS have other people in mind, it’s the way we are programmed.

We are tribal people, we care and want to be cared for. It’s what makes us human. So when you are reaching out for your dreams, make sure it involves others or helping others and you will find an never ending enduring positive outlook on life that will bleed into every area of your life. Feel your desires, find others who want to experience these feelings too and get them on board inside your mastermind, reach together, look after each other, and through your desires, seeds will be planet and the law of attraction will literally turn the world upside down, inside out and explode into a million trillion fragments, only to put it back together in your image so as to continue giving you that feeling you’re feeling right now about your goals and dreams.

So continue to feel your dreams, and push them higher. For it is the only thing you need to truly need to have an amazing time here on Earth. Be sure to bring your friends and family with you! Things are getting more and more amazing everyday, can you feel it, do you believe it?

Things are only what they are because you believe them to be what they are.

Expand your mind to other possibilities, that is the exact reason I believe I’m here in Japan right now. It’s too easy to be a slave of your mind, your family, your friends and the society you believe you are apart of. Things can change, things will change, it really depends on the story you tell yourself about the changes you believe are needed in your life to fully feel what life is all about. Why only live 50 miles from where you were born? Why live in the same continent your whole life, why only stay in what feels comfortable?

Comfortable is pleasant at times, but your rate of growth and possibilities will diminish if you don’t at least experience new realities, new cultures. There is only a set amount of time here on Earth, make it worth it! You don’t need to allow the fictional weight of the world pull you down. You can start saving, start learning new things, you can move, you can change jobs, you can go to a different school, it’s all comes down to your desires, plant them with your feelings.

-Elli Sanders