End of Silence

End of Silence

I Broke Free AGAIN! BRING IT!!

The brilliant fact that we can continue to learn through out every single good and bad experience we have is something that we as humans certainly do not always take into consideration. Over the last 8 months I was poisoned. If someone did it or if it was just something that happened really doesn’t concern me.

Now for most people they would be pretty concerned I’m sure, but let me go back, how far back, we’ll see when we get there. Last year around July my girlfriend Leti ended up getting super sick with almost an MS attack, in fact it started slow then got worse and worse. She got to the point where I had to help her walk, she couldn’t hold forks or chopsticks very well, could barely hear her. Now, I was losing my shit honestly and there she is, laughing through it all!

Laughing while her body is shutting down and not working properly. She slept a lot and I did everything I could to cook for her and eliminate all the questionable foods and drink in our life at that point. About 3-4 weeks later she completely came back to her old self 100%. But as she was getting better, I started to feel similar things coming on. I never got to the point where she did, mine went another way. It started off with a pressure in my upper right area of my stomach area that just STAYED there.

The Best Emotional and Physical BreakthroughSoon my legs and my arms, fingers started to feel the weakness that she had endured, but never to the extent of how bad it was for her. But the big test for me was, soon, I began to feel anxious, EXTREMELY anxious. It was so ridiculous I would just be sitting there and an attack would come on for no reason at all. Now being trained in the mind and the body this was a very interesting time for me, being that all the training I’ve done couldn’t prepare me for how intense such anxiety could cause. It was a complete anxiety attack almost every 20-30 minutes if not more at times.

I would go outside into the hallway of our apartment building and the warm July/August air would hit me, engulf me, and soon, I was panicking. I did EFT, QEC, Vagus Nerve Tapping (which worked the best short term), B.E.S.T marches, praying, meditation. One thing did seem to help the most though, The SUN and walking (sun gazing too). So to be blunt about the results of this. It was the most trying time of my life in concerns of my health and easily puts itself in the top 5 challenges of my life.

But, I found a few things out, amazing things, about myself and the things that were taking place inside my body, my mind while I was literally being torn to pieces by deadly fungus, parasites and soon my gallbladder filled to the brim with gallstones from all the toxins. But hey, I’ve been a bit of a drinker in my life and so I take responsibly for the clogged gallbladder, whereas Leti doesn’t do well with alcohol so she was able to coast through the poison without an issue!

It took almost 6 months of slowly getting better, not understanding exactly what was going on, as I’m maybe a bit stupid and I just can not trust regular doctors to do anything for me and maybe I needed to be the stubborn me so that I finally attracted a situation where I was talking to my good friend Ingrid Khadijah whose is a friend of my webmaster/SEO guy and she has been in the process of creating a new website called SunWisher Spiritual Community, and through that site which at the point of this writing is still under construction, she ran into some people from a church called Genesis II and this church was created by a guy (Jim Humble) who found out the literal cure for HIV, Malaria, Staph Infections and about ANYTHING ELSE… BUT, heavy fungus infections. The substance is called MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution.

I used their sacramental “waters” from SunWisher’s Health Ministry and the MMS CLEARED (I also used their positive music section which I will go into a bit with feeling emotions) a ton of my toxicity issues that food just couldn’t touch. Soon I started to think clearly again, my drive for life increased, my plans for business and life have returned, and now I’m an active member of SunWisher and the Genesis II church of Health and Healing. But they also led me to a guy named Andreas Mortiz and I do believe he was poisoned to death by someone which is horrible and I’m saddened by the fact that I won’t be able to reach out to him.

But, I learned of a method called the GallBladder and Liver Flush, and at first I heard of this from the Medical Medium, where he said it’s BS. But honestly one thing I’ve learned from this ordeal is that my gut is usually right in what I feel about certain people, and I’ve ALWAYS had an issue in the back of my mind with Medical Medium, I don’t trust him any longer, I don’t doubt he can see disease in people. You can actually train yourself to do that and be fairly accurate almost immediately upon learning the method.

But he said it wasn’t “REAL” because the “gallstones” that come out of the body really are not gallstones but saponified oil (because you use olive oil to stimulate gall). BUT, when you look at the actual science and better yet the RESULTS of doing said cleanse it’s easy to see the truth, you feel better for a bit afterward (because stones that didn’t pass will accumulate again in the ducts and cause the crappy feeling again), the skin, eyes and hair clear up. I’ve never had much issues in either of these departments until I got sick.

So, the point of all this. As hard, and believe me it can be harder than you can ever imagine, I continued to feel as good as possible in a horrible position of health, I continued to believe I would come across what I needed and most days I’ve held that and knew it would come, and it did. Now I also know how to clean up fungus and the clean the blood and the gallbladder. Cleansing spiritually is like fung shui, clean the mind and the physical will have to follow. Of course movement is ALWAYS needed in fung shui to some degree.

Feel better now if you don’t feel good, pass into a clear mind even during the fight of your life. There WILL be pockets of time even as long as 10 seconds that you can decide while the body is neutral that you can BRING YOURSELF UP even for that few seconds, and you’ll find something or somebody will show up to increase that amount of time of feeling happy, healthy, abundant, growing… Whatever it is! You don’t need to be sick but whatever it is that you’re battling, there WILL be times of hope, increase the hope by using these times to push forward!

Over the last 2 months I’ve returned to my business, I’m now starting (helping) a business here in Japan for a travel agency and I will be helping co-write some products on how to use focus and feelings to help others. I’ll still be in the background doing my own things and working through proxies, but these others know these mind techniques as well or better yet much better than I do so it will be a good collaboration and through my suffering, I rose from the ashes feeling better than I have in YEARS!

Brilliance happens in the mind when emotion touches a vision with a direction and movement. Brilliance is in the heart, the shock of tingles when you think that right thought, in the tear that forms in the corner of your eye KNOWING at that very moment you’re going to be okay and that the dreams and desires you’ve had will NOW at this point move forward again another inch, foot, mile?

This is where instant healing takes place, this is where human kind will grow the fastest and with the most appreciation for others and their struggles as well, we are all here, watching each other. Let the excitement of dream pull you into more fractals of imagination, let these feelings bring up a smile a tear, a shout for joy, a burst of laughter.

These are the times in ones life be it in happiness, health or sadness and dis-ease, it matters not, shout it throughout your body the desired emotion that pulses from your soul!

I’ve learned more about myself and the human condition more so these last 8 months and I’m so excited to have gone through and come out on the other side more excited more powerful more knowing, more helpful and overall hitting Super Saiyan level (it’s an Anime reference).

So be sure to check out SunWisher and there will be an audio program on how to use MUSIC to attract the life you want. I think right now it will be free to a few people joining the email newsletter (kind of like on here).

Don’t mistake challenges as punishment, release your fear to the unknown and step forward into life and find those openings that will allow you to shout hope, excitement and KNOWING into your body, into your soul. It’s your time.

-Elli Sanders

From the heavens down to earth
fire begins to burn.

Your inner and outer battling for time
to speak.

The masters and the apprentices
seeking higher levels.

Believe it now that your compass
always points north.

You’ve never been misled in what
has happened.

Strike now while the iron is hot
and shout yourself free.