Brilliance Unfolds as Belief

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Brilliance Unfolds as Belief Changes

For over 10 years now I’ve been a solidified millionaire, I began my journey in the financial world as a rave club planner and marketer when I was a teenager in Colorado. I’ve been through the wringer when it comes to money and law of attraction. I’ve found that depending on how one grows up is primarily responsible for the beliefs we take into the rest of our life after the point of around 14-16 years old. I was lucky that my parents were very much aware of energetic presence not only when I was between the ages of 1 and 16, but even before that. When I was growing inside my Ma.

You see even energetic wave patterns being placed upon the mother while pregnant can affect and cause influence in the child’s life, all the way till it’s death. A belief can be transmitted as easily as a spoken word in a dead silence library, it echo’s and bounces off the walls, effectively stringing together a web of lies and deceit or bringing about abundance, happiness and profound human change and evolution for the rest of the child’s life.

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Now, if you were not ordained into a family or religious institute that was aware of this even just 10-20 years ago, you would have been stuck living your life in default mode. Default mode is where the patterns inflicted into your body (through pregnancy) remains inside the bodies temple, locked inside the mind, inside the muscles, inside your organs and tissues and inside your auric fields. The Morter’s (the doctors / family responsible for B.E.S.T (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)) found that aligning the body within all these fields effectively removes the trapped belief and energy, not just from the mind, but from the physical body, resulting in spontaneous healing and mental clarity and more.

They call the act of receiving a blemish inside the bodies energy and belief a ‘bushwhack’, and a ‘bushwhack’ is nothing more then a traumatic event in your life. NOW, get this, a traumatic event could even be considered to be a ‘positive’ event. Extreme bouts of excitement can cause locked energy and actually be responsible for attracting unwanted events in your life. Now although this happens, it’s usually an event that was seen as negative. The best story that I remember from B.E.S.T was when one of the Morter’s were on a plane waiting for everyone to board.

This particular Morter who was flying this day had a 1st class airplane ticket and as he sat waiting for the rest of the passengers to board the plane a small little girl entered the plane and immediately saw how wonderful 1st class looked, her eyes wide and excited and full of wonder looked back and asked her mother if she could sit here in 1st class and her mother quickly hammered a response “You’ll never be able to sit up here”. Now, personally even to this day, every time I tell that story I can help cringe and feel for the little girl. This little girl had a belief that she was worthy to sit in 1st class even without knowing the difference between coach and 1st class in terms of price.

But at that point, the belief of her mother and her mothers lack of worthiness reflected upon a very subconsciously driven child looking to the outer world (especially her mother) for help understanding this worth. This, is a ‘bushwhack’, and because of this, she went on to live a life of worth challenges no doubt unless she found a way to remove these beliefs from her mind that were imprinted by someone who also had the very same thing happen to them in some similar fashion.

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Now, let’s say that this very same scenario happened again, but this time, the little girl entered the plane, and again, the same wide eyes and sparkles of excitement ensued within and radiated from her being, she turns around and asks her mother. “I want to sit up here!”. Instead of responding to the very same programming of worthiness that she grew up, decided to to respond to her daughter in a different way.

“Oh, it sure is wonderful isn’t it? And you know what? There is nothing stopping you from being able to experience sitting up here.”


You see human beings all come down to a facet of worthiness in their lives! So, this little girl goes on into her life with this as a backing, as a benchmark of worthiness, and with that, her mind works differently than others. Because of how she was told she can have, be or do anything she wishes in life, without seeing or being told otherwise, her mind is naturally attuned to seeing opportunity in her life. It’s easier to manifest goals and desires, as they are fun, they are breathtaking they are the spice of life.

So now, her intellect and her goals come together and her brilliance shows through to the world, and with that, every single person in the world is in collaboration to make her wishes come true.

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Many people start off with a positive mindset and attitude to set with their children, but the programming we have all been indoctrinated into runs deep, and it’s not something to blame or to be used to make us a martyr. It’s something that needs to be addressed and seen as what it is, unworthiness passed down from well meaning people who didn’t know any better then what they knew at the time. Begin seeing your unworthiness as nothing but a pack full of others beliefs about themselves and it has nothing to do with you ultimately, except that right now in this moment, it still resides within your muscles, tissues, tendons, mind, brain, organs and auric field.


Continue to witness this unworthiness, try to unfold itself inside of you and to express it’s desire to be right. You don’t need to let it, watch it, feel it, don’t react to it, let it slip by, and if you do react to it, simply again, come back to a state where you are simply watching. If you are discussing with others about your worth, attempt to end the conversation and/or change it in a direction that empowers your worth instead of taking from it!

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-Elli M Sanders

‘Silent be the mad mind of chatter, for I am worthy in all assets.
The echo of words of my generations can be heard,
but dareth I not speak them.

Nothing but my worth will be spoken as my brilliance unfolds.
From this magic,
beliefs slowly change,
as ancestry burdens escape,
which leave me free from the shackles of lies and unworthiness,
which were imposed so unconsciously’ – EMS