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Afraid or Dislike to Trade Pennystocks?

Afraid or Dislike to Trade Pennystocks? So I’m writing this to say why I’m personally not trading right now and maybe you can find something in this article to help you get over your own fears and dislikes of trading! Enjoy! === So maybe a few of my readers have been wondering why my little […]

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The True Meaning of Kira-Kira-Kira きらーきらーキラ by Kyari-Pamyu-Pamyu

What does Kira Kira Kira Music Video Mean? I’ve been a student of the occult, esoteric and mystery schools since I was 15-16. I’ll just say I this video is actually symbolic in every single way. I’ve been re-watching it over and over again. Constantly discover new ideas inside it. At a time I thought […]

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