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Hey Fukuoka, Hey Hakata Elli’s Coming – Law of Attraction in Japan

Share this pageFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponemailLaw of Attraction in Fukuoka, Japan by: Elli Sanders Today I’m going to just slam this one out, raw style. So if you have been following my last post you’d know that I’m moving on from Kumamoto-shi and looking to jump into Fukuoka, Japan. (Which is just North from Kumamoto) specifically in Hakata-ku, […]

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Holy Cow How Did I Become So Filthy Wealthy?

Share this pageFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponemailUncover Your Beliefs About Money by: Elli Sanders Wow, so I’m sitting here in my apartment here in Kumamoto, Japan looking out the porch glass doors onto my amazing balcony that looks over the Shirakawa River and I’m here thinking about how damn grateful I am to be able to live here, to […]

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Traveling, Creation, Manifestation, Love and more

Share this pageFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponemailHow Emotion Creates Your Reality by: NJS Today is a day I take pride in, I woke up, I confronted the world, I did my work as solid as I could without falter. I was honorable, I did the things that I put off, waiting… waiting for something. What? Who knows what it […]

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